Monday, August 27, 2007

Invitation in the Mail

I received this invite today for an engagement party of my close friend's brother. What a great couple and we hope to attend. I love the invite that my friend picked out. The invite is actually chocolate brown and green and is from our friends at Paperbuzz.
What a great selection they have for invites and gifts!
I am personalizing cocktail napkins for the event with their names and a special saying on them.
Here is the cocktail napkin that will be used with a chocolate brown font. Will make for a great display.
You can really get creative with the sayings you can put on napkins for couples.

I have personalized napkins that say...Molly loves Charles and Charles loves Molly, Happily Ever After, First comes love, then comes marriage.

There are so many special sayings that can be personalized for your next party. Whatever your creative mind can think of!

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Tickled Pink Designs said...

I love that green napkin! It will look so great with a saying in chocolate brown.
I get to give my friends their napkins at their house warming party this weekend. I know they are just going to LOVE them!