Monday, August 13, 2007

New Digs

We are in the process of updating our basement. I usually love home improvement/decorating projects, but this one doesn't have me as excited. Once this project gets started my napkin world will have to be relocated. I just hope this gets done sooner rather than later. Right now we are picking out tile and carpet. There are so many choices and unfortunately the basement has to be something practical and a quality that can stand the wear and tear of my little ones. It is a room that is an entryway from our garage into our kitchen, so practical is going to win over pretty. Here is the tile that we have selected. This will go in the bathroom and utility room. We are still deciding on carpet. When we purchased the house over 3 years ago, the basement was finished, but not so much to my liking. One thing I am excited is having a locker style storage unit built in my utility room. Here is a picture of one from Pottery Barn that I would like to have one built like. This will be perfect for backpacks, shoes, swim bags, etc.
Tomorrow I am going to shop for fabrics. I know this will get me motivated and excited. We are going to have a sofa and chair recovered. The one thing I like about my basement now is that it is so kid friendly and it is not the end of the world if a drink drips.

I have chosen a paint color that is new to my world of paints already in my house. My friend Elizabeth has used it in her kitchen and I just loved it. It will be fresh, bright and kid focused. Hubby still isn't sold on it, but I have told him to trust me. It is barely teal by Benjamin Moore.

I will show pics when it is complete!


Happy Homemaker said...

Pretty! Like you said, the fabrics will make it more exciting!

The Doctor's Wife said...

Hey! My stepmom has that paint in her kitchen. LOVE IT. Call me about the PB shelving...I've focus grouped this concept quite a bit and think I've come up with the perfect unit (not that I'm bragging):} Call me anyway, though, cause my email is all F*c*e% up and I can't dial out on my phone...only receive calls!

sle said...

Best of luck with your basement project. We are in the process of smoothing out our ceilings. I quickly realized the contractors idea of cleaning up and my idea of cleaning up are not entirely the same. (as I just realized I have sat in yet another pile of white powdery mess)

Preppy Napkin said...

I went fabric shopping today and I think I have changed my whole plan. I am going to have to change the paint color.