Thursday, September 13, 2007

House in Shambles

I woke up this morning to my basement being jack hammered by three scary men. Part of our basement renovation is installing a basement water proofing system to prevent leaks. It was so loud and I thought my 50+ year old house was going to come tumbling down. Miss Priss was so scared and would not let me put her down. I don't know if was the sound or the look of these three scary men!

Last night hubby said" I have to go out of town today, so why don't you stay at home to make sure this is done properly" I said no problem I don't really want to go swimming today(my exercise of choice lately) anyway. Well, when hubby saw the three crazy men that showed up to fix the basement he said "get out of the house today-I would rather them take our stuff than take you." Which was so sweet.

Well, the job is finally done and they are out of my house. Thank goodness!
Now comes paint, carpet, tiling bathroom and then hopefully, we are done for a while.

I am hosting supper club here at the end of September, so that is my goal to get all of this done before then!


magnolia mama said...

It'll be so great when it's done. We have remodeled every room in our 1940's house so I feel your pain.

sle said...

Good luck with your timetable. I still have dry wall work to be completed, painting that needs finished and my over the range microwave is still in the box where it has been for about a month. We were supposed to be completed a month ago. I think my contractor and workers are fishing somewhere.