Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Day!

Mr. 5 started kindergarten today. I was feeling a little stressed last night thinking wow I am really going to have to have my SH __ together in the morning. No sleeping in and staying in PJ's til 9am-this is the real deal. Well, he was more than ready and had a great day. I got a great report from his teacher and he is excited to go back tomorrow.
My little guy is growing up. I held it together at drop off and it didn't really hit me until hubby and I were in the car and at the house by ourselves. (Miss Priss started school today also). Mr. 5 is going to be with his teachers and friends more than he is going to be with us. As soon as I picked him up it was off to swimming and back home for dinner.

I love a busy schedule, but I was feeling a little too busy today. I know once the routine gets more familiar it will get easier.
I ordered this backpack for him last year for pre-k (with monogram of course!)and it was as big as he was, he has now grown into it!


sle said...

Savor the moment!

Bridget said...

That is the best backpack in the world! I still have my LL Bean backpack that I carried in HS and college... and lets just say I had my 15th year high school class reunion this summer...and the backpack is still kicking!

Mr.5 will get plenty of use out of it.

Tickled Pink Designs said...

Glad to hear Mr. 5 had a great first day! J has the same backpack and C has it in red (monogrammed too of course!) I remember having such a hard time with the fact that J was going to be with his teachers more than he would be with me. We all got used to it though! Both boys are always so tired at the beginning of the year we do a 6:30 bedtime for a couple of weeks!

Preppy Napkin said...

I like the sounds of a 6:30 bedtime!