Friday, December 14, 2007

Check List

I have to say I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have still lots to do including shopping, wrapping, a little decorating left, baking and more napkin orders. Hubby and I are getting a sitter and going out to do some shopping and dinner and I am really looking forward to it. We occasionally go shopping together, but usually have the children with us, so this will be fun to pick out gifts for them.
I have gotten most of my Christmas cards out-thank goodness. I used the above card from my friends at Whitney English. (not my children in above picture) I don't have an organized address list. Each year, I say that I am gong to do my Christmas cards in October and it never happens. I went through my address book and Mr. 5's school directory and had two of my friends send their lists of addresses to me. In January, I am going to organize this list, so next year I will be prepared.
Last night was our annual cookie and ornament exchange and it was a success. I have been eating cookies all day and will be glad when they are all gone! I will post my recipe soon!
I love Christmas and as the children get older it is even more special. The weather is supposed to turn cold tomorrow, which will even put us more in the mood!
How is everyone else doing with their check lists?


The 5 Bickies said...

got a few more things done on my list today. Wish I was going out to dinner and shopping with hubby tonight instead of going to a party at one of hubby's coworkers that starts at 8pm. I'm nearly in my flannels and starving at 8pm!

Would love your cookies's crunch time as my cookie exchange with my book club is Thursday night.

workinthatpreppy said...

great card!

magnolia mama said...

I'm done with my list and it's a great feeling.

As for keeping addresses organized, I use outlook for my email and keep all of my addresses there. And it syncs with my blackberry so I always have everything with me!

Brie said...

What a lovely Christmas card! It has gotten a little chilly here tonight as well. It is feeling like Christmas already :)

magnolia mama said...

PN - If you'd like to barter some napkins for a new header after the craziness of the Holidays, let me know!

KHE said...

The actual cute Whitney English card I received in the mail had even cuter children on it than the ones on your blog! Great picture--loved the coordinating reds and whites.