Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sutton Parchment

I was just introduced to this website and what a great idea. Sutton Parchment is for all of you bakers out there. If I am going to be in the kitchen, baking is what I prefer. This idea makes baking so easy. Instead of tracing, cutting and hoping your piece of parchment paper fits in the pan, this is already done for you. It makes baking so easy and less time consuming. So forget greasing and flouring baking pans and just use these easy and convenient parchment baking rounds. The website also has yummy recipes on it. Check it out at


Beth G. said...

Wow, I've never seen those. I love to bake-what a great find! Just found your blog and I'm loving it:)

Steph said...

Neat! I love to bake, but I hate cutting parchment circles..they always want to curl up! I'll have to try them!
You had asked about Grease on Broadway( awhile back!)... I wouldn't suggest it! I didn't enjoy it at all! It was almost like sitting through a high school production!There are so many other things that would be much better choices! Just my .02!