Monday, July 7, 2008

Oil & Vinegar

Saturday on the drive back from Richmond, we stopped in Charlottesville for lunch and walked in this store Oil and Vinegar. I have never been to one and there are only a handful in the U.S. It was such a fun and neat place. Lots of sampling and so many neat spices, sauces, oils, crackers and many things to try. Of course Miss Priss and Mr. 6 wanted to put their chubby (grubby) little fingers in anything they could. We purchased the Cajun Spice Seasoning. Perfect for dips with mayonnaise and sour cream (so low fat-ha ha), for grilling, or to spice potatoes. Definitely, a place to stop in if you ever have a chance.

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Paula said...

I went there this spring and really enjoyed sampling the different oils. I thought it was a unique store and definitely not one that would survive in my town.