Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall Finds!

Our picks from Just Ducky-

If Mr. 6 was 2 or 3 -this would be what I would of picked out for him.

Miss Priss will wear this with brown tights and her brown and pink polka dot shoes. I wish I could get something for myself in this fabric.

If only one of my children could still wear this. Perfect for Christmas cards!

Miss Priss will wear this with her pink ruffled pants.

The clogs come in red, pink, brown and a polka dot. She has chosen the polka dot.

Cute reversible jumper from Just Ducky with such a fun monogram.

Orient Expressed

The bishop for Miss Priss and the checked shirt for Mr. 6 with a mono.

She loved the skirt!

Great basic shirts for all winter!

Even though it has been super hot this week, I am anxious for the change of the wardrobe. I have been to a couple of kids clothing shows in the past weeks and this is what I found.

I have been hosting Just Ducky all weekend. I am always last to place my order -only because I am sick of looking at the clothes and by the time it is my turn to place an order-I can't wait to ship the clothes away. I have to say that Miss Priss has had a big time trying on all the samples and feels rather threatened when someone else comes to the house and even looks at it. She thinks all of the clothes are for her.


collard green queen said...

Have never heard of Just Ducky- will have to take a look- hope you had a great summer in Richmond- we are sad to say goodbye to the beach-

preppy little dress said...

too cute the 1st pair of overalls look like they are whales - too cute! great taste mommy!

preppy little dress said...

correction, they are not whales but gators - ops, the image is small - either way the overalls are adorable!

suburban prep said...

What great finds.
Two of my nephews are 2 and 3 and trust me they even have decisions about what they want to wear on certain days.