Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Sorry for not posting for a while. December was busy with napkins (thank you customers) and getting ready for Santa to come visit. This year was so fun with the kids. Miss Priss is now 3.5 and Mr. 6 is 6.5 and I wish I could stop time. I look at my peeps each day and think of how big they are now and I know it is going to go by faster each year.

Well, something that has helped me get by this holiday season are B-12 vitamins. I felt very sluggish this fall and had my thyroid checked and that was fine, so the Dr. suggested B-12 vitamins. I take one a day in the am and it works wonders. So, if you need a little boost-give them a try. I purchased mine at GNC.
I am putting some items on sale on To Bee Named , so please check it out. I hope everyone is off to a great year. I promise more posts soon!


pineapplegrove@earthlink.net said...

so happy you are posting again...the guest towels and napkins that I gave at Christmas were a HUGE hit..thanks again

The wife said...

I may need to give the B12 a try. I just can't seem to get as motivated as I need to here lately!