Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are her legs really long or is this dress really short?

I just ordered this from Bloomingdale's.  Love the print and style, however it is navy blue, which I usually don't wear.  Not because, I don't like it, but always leaves me with a shoe dilema. ( I am thinking of gold ballets for spring and my bone colored jack rogers for summer)

Also, wondering just how short it is going to be. I ordered a small and medium hoping at least one will fit.  I don't mind showing a little leg as long as it is tan, but with all of the snow we have been getting-it is hard to imagine summer or even warm weather.

Has anyone else found any cute new spring items?? If so, please share.


susan said...

It's so cute - I think her legs are really long:)

Preppy Napkin said...

ok-this dress arrived in a small and medium and it is a shirt.. no way that would be an appropraite dress length for anyone. i guess with leggins it might work, but still short. so, they have been sent back..