Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few of my favorite things!

I was thinking of my list of favorite things and I thought of two. New York City and MacKenzie-Childs. Oh, and I forgot about diet coke.
I don't drink coffee, so my first stop in the morning is McDonad's for my medium (sometimes large) diet coke!
Here is a picture of my dining room. I recently had it painted and hung the Mackenzie-Childs Plates on the wall and a Dana Gibson plate on my sideboard.
Let me tell you they are so heavy and I pray they are not going to fall down in the middle of the night! I purchased the plates at the MacKenzie Childs store in New York.
My hubby and I went to NYC last October with two other couples that my husband went to college with. What a fabulous trip and such a distant memory.
I am sad thinking hubby and I don't have another adult trip planned this fall. I had been to New York on a yearly basis to visit one of my closest friends for the past eight years.
 It was the first time that hubby and I went together. I have to say going in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Fall is my favorite in the city.
The whole reason we went was for the boys to go to a football game of their Alma mater at West Point.
 I have to say the girls decided our time would be better staying in the city shopping.
We stayed at the luxurious Loews Hotel conveniently located to everything!
 I am smiling writing this thinking how much fun we had!


Farrell & Lauren said...

I love your dining room- it is very classic Virginia.

And yay for New York! Farrell and I both love it, and try to go up there as much as possible.

(Thanks for stopping by our blog.)

Christy said...

What a beautiful dining room!

Meg said...

So pretty!!