Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cheetah Girl!

Here are more new things that have been added to my site.
They are candle and wine bottle holders. They are fun and festive and make great gifts.
What a colorful addition to your entertaining area. I have both of them in my house.
My kitchen is lime and black with accents of pink. Here is a picture of my kitchen window.
My next house project is updating our kitchen.
 Mr. 5 is already showing signs of a huge appetite and the refrigerator that was here when we purchased our house is made for just two people or a family that doesn't eat.
 The refrigerator has a cabinet directly above it, so the entire kitchen must come down or that is what I have convinced Hubby of at the moment.


Steph said...

Those are just too cute! I am going to have to put my Christmas list together and start shopping!

sle said...

I am checking out your webpage and I love the above window treatment. Did you do it yourself? I am looking for something like it for over my kitchen sink.

Preppy Napkin said...

Thank you! I wish I could say that I sew also, but no. It is a balloon curtain that doesn't move up and down. I spend way too much time looking in decorating magazines trying to find the perfect treatment.

Emily said...

Oh, these are cute! Just looked over your website...all sorts of neat things!