Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Preppy New Year!

I ordered more of these zebra cachepots-so popular!

I am back from all of my travels and so ready for everyone to be back on schedule. I am going to organize and relax a little after such a busy holiday season. Although, I don't like things to quiet down so much- I love being busy. I am sure I will be bored soon and ready for a new project or trip. So stay tuned. Here are a couple of new things that were delivered two days before Christmas and I am finally getting a chance to add them to my site!


Lady Law Dawg said...

Too cute! I plan to order a few things soon . . . BTW, the clutches were hits - everyone LOVED having a monogrammed present - it just shouts, "I care enough to have this MADE just for you!!!" Thanks again for all your help!
And . . . omigosh, I cannot believe that I didn't wish you a very, very Happy Birthday! May this be your BEST year yet!


sle said...

Love the green! I need to order some things as soon as I get my Christmas things put away.

melissa c said...

LOVE these as well as SO many other items on your site. Fabulous!!


The Mrs. said...

Those are so cute!!!! I use my clutch at all the holiday parties and had rave reviews! may have to do a chocolate brown too! Did the order from Molly come in?