Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where have I been!

I am not sure where I have been, just trying to manage working and raising the two little ones. Time is flying by and I am loving my job. Yesterday, I drove to Meadows of Dan, Virginia. I had never heard of it and would probably never been there, but made the drive yesterday. It is off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and close to Mabry Mill -which is the most photographed Mill on the parkway. It reminded me of the movie-Bridges of Madison County. It was very nice and scenic, but way too remote for me. The drive was so crazy and I had goats and turkeys running out in front of me!!! It made me appreciate my small city that I call home.

I have a new table skirt in my family room, that is really cute and I will share a picture soon!
The master bath is getting painted chocolate brown tomorrow. I haven't picked a color yet and I am going to make a fast decision tomorrow am, because I have agonized over it too long and I can't pick a color. Thanks for all of the recommendations, but I am trying to match a fabric and that is the problem. I will keep you posted. Thank goodness for the warm weather and sunny days that we have had this week. I am ready for the sun to stay out and to pack the sweaters and jackets away!
Be Back soon!
I also have some new items in for To Bee Named. I will post on them later!

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